HWCC Office and Classroom

The Hangzhou Wine Culture Center (HWCC) office and classroom is located on the 15th floor of the Tian Xing Building; my hotel room is on the 29th floor of the same building. The HWCC is a trade association that offers professional wine education to it’s membership, other members of the trade and the general public. Its membership includes importers, distributors and retail shops (wine shops and restaurants) as well as the general public. 

(Note: The trade is organized quite differently in China as compared to the US or Europe.  To an outsider it is very confusing and would require a many page blog to describe.)

As you get off the elevator, the HWCC is located in the southeast corner of the 15th floor. What you see as you get off the elevator and move a couple of steps towards the office is shown in picture 1. When you walk through the glass doors you can see down a long hall, about 40’ long, with the logo of the HWCC visible at the end of the hall.  See picture 2.

There are two doors visible in this photo.  One on the left and, a little further down the hall, one on the right.  The door on the left leads to the classroom and the door on the right to the office area.

Before going into the classroom or office area, let me continue down the hall to the receptionist area and waiting room. Seated at the receptionist desk, in picture 3, are the administrative assistant (on the left) and receptionist (right).  Neither speak much English.  However, Dr. Lim worked with them for weeks before my visit to learn a few phrases in English.

The banner behind the receptionist desk describes the IWG program being offered by the HWCC. The banner is shown in more detail in picture 4.

To the right of the receptionist desk is a waiting room. About a 12’x20’ space. It was also used as a break room during classes and a place for staff to sit and talk – which happened almost every day during lunch.

Next to the waiting room, and to the right of what you can see in picture 5 is the VIP room. Picture 6 and 7 show the open door leading to the VIP room from the receptionist area and, in picture 7, inside the room itself.  This is where the staff could meet with important guests. The door is usually kept closed. It is about a 12’x12’ room.  The toilet is off the VIP room.

If I go back to the main entry hall, the classroom was on the left as you walk into the office. Picture 8 is the view of the classroom as you walk through the main entry door into the classroom.  There are twelve individual student desks.  The white bowls you can see on the desks are the spittoons.  The IWG materials, including the history charts, can be seen along the back wall of the classroom. The room is about 30’ wide and 40’ long. There are only 12 seats in the classroom because that is, by custom, the number of seats in a college classroom.

Picture 9 shows the instructor desk.  The ‘white board’ against the wall is glass that has been etched (or sandblasted) on the backside. The glass works quite well when you write on it with a dry erase marker. A screen lowers from the ceiling to show slides.  They use a digital projector quite similar to the ones we use in Denver.

Picture 10 is a close-up of the IWG notebooks at the back of the classroom. 

Going back out to the entry hall, the door on the right as you enter the office leads to the office area.  Picture 11 was taken just inside that door.  There are three private offices and six offices in an open-office layout in this room. The door to Dr. Lim’s office can be seen in this picture, the door to Ms. Soon’s office can barely be seen on the left side of the picture. To the left of Ms. Soon’s office is Ms. Wu’s office – the marketing manager.

Picture 12 is another view fo the open office area.  The desk closest to the camera was reserved for me while I was there.
Picture 13 shows Dr. Lim’s office and picture 14 the view out his office window.  You can see the farmland mixed in with the urban growth.  The building with the blue roof is a high school.


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