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The International Wine & Spirits Guild was established to encourage study to develop technical understanding and increased knowledge of wine at three levels: Level 1: Fundamental, Level 2: Intermediate and Level 3 Advanced or Master. If you are an individual with a passion for wine there are seminars and courses designed specifically for you to increase you wine knowledge and tasting skills. 

The Guild is dedicated to fostering wine education at the highest levels and helping everyone increase and expand their knowledge and understanding of wine. To become a Guild member you must successfully complete either the Level 1 Guild Wine Seminar or the Level 2 Advanced Wine Course. The Guild also teaches numerous wine classes for the general public.

Calendar of Classes

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What Makes Us Different?

We are like a wine "college", not just teaching wine tasting like it's a party. We provide the support and education to prepare you to become very knowledgable about all aspects of wine if that is your goal. For example, our Level II Wine Seminar is an 11-week course in which we teach how to open a wine bottle and wine making as well as medium-depth, that is, intermediate, discussions on 15 countries and wine evaluation of about 50 wines. At Level 3, Advanced or Master level courses, we provide in-depth advanced education about wine, wine history, climate, terroir and, of course, wine evaluation (advanced wine tasting).

We understand that there are enthusiasts with a passion for wine, as well as wine and food. Therefore, we provide advanced quality, in-depth, factual courses.

All of our lead instructors have industry experience – often in a range of different parts of the industry. Many have career changed into the industry and have a full understanding of how to instruct everybody, regardless of you experience or background. 

All of our instructors have been through a two-year training program to. They teach to a curriculum in each seminar or course.

Because the wine industry changes at such a rapid pace, we have developed all of the full-color materials we use in our seminars and courses so you can be up-to-date with everything you are learning. In addition, we have developed a series of proprietary tools that students receive as part of their materials for each class. (student materials are included in your registration fees.) These materials are updated annually to stay on top of a fast changing industry.

We pour premium quality wines in each seminar and course. Many people who teach wine classes only use one distributor, or have a goal of selling wine as part of the class. We work with all distributors and do not cut corners by serving mediocre or poor quality wine. We are a wine school and do not sell wine as part of our instruction.

As our tagline says, our goal is to offer you “a lifetime of wine and spirits education.”

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