Ten Reasons to Attend the Guild

10. World Wide Wine Family

The International Wine & Spirits Guild has enthusiasts who have taken seminars and/or courses in all 50 states and at least 25  other countries. We provide you with some of the best and most innovative training imagineable.

We also do trips to wine production areas all over the world. You put all of this together, and we provide you an ‘international passport’ for experiences and a world-wide family of alumni to draw upon.

9. Unique Learning Experience Unlike Any Other

At the International Wine & Spirits Guild we believe that our unmatched approach, including a wide range of proprietary teaching tools, enables you to gain the best understanding of wine, growing areas and wine evaluation.

We offer numerous seminars and courses on wine and fine spirits to fill your specific education needs or desires. In addition, our Corporate Executive Chef believes that good nutrition is a key to your learning experience.

For the seminars and courses that have meals provided as part of your tuition and education, we can take care of most dietary restrictions.

8. Job Placement Assistance

Our faculty advisors provide orientation and support for you in preparing for the job search. This includes assistance with resume writing, helping you develop interviewing skills and job placement assistance.

7. Externship Program

The International Wine & Spirits Guild has two externship programs. The technical externship program is for our students who want the experience of working in different parts or the wine and hospitality industry.

The educator externship program is to assist our students to gain the academic and practical experience to become a wine educator.

6. Launch A Career, Start A New Career

You can earn a Master level diploma in as little as 4 quarters (1 year). We can prepare you for a career in any part of the industry, be it production, importing, distribution or retail. We will help you shift to a new career.

Or, if you are an enthusiast, we will help you learn more about wine because you will take the same courses as our students who are preparing for or are already in the trade.

5. Experience Wine From The Old and New World

The International Wine & Spirits Guild teaches a wide range of professional courses to provide you with both the knowledge and wine, sake or spirit evaluation skills to help ensure your success in the industry.

We have industry unique wine and food pairing courses that help you broaden your food palate, while learning how to technically pair wine to food. We even teach spirits and food pairing.

4. Experienced Wine and Spirits Instructors:

All of the Guild’s instructors have both the education and experience to provide you with the encouragement and enthusiasm needed to be successful in the industry.

Our instructors will challenge you in a positive manner to help you reach your full potential. Many of them are career shifters who have moved from their previous job into the wine industry. All of our instructors are graduates of the Guild technical and educator programs and have worked in the wine industry.

3. More Education For Your Dollars

The International Wine & Spirits Guild is the only vocational wine school that offers more than 24 different professional seminars and courses. Each is an unparalleled experience covering a specific topic in the wine industry.

Whether it be a regional wine course, a wine business or wine marketing course, a fine spirits or sake course, or a wine history course, we will provide you with our exclusive proprietary course materials, let you evaluate some of the world’s most famous wines and help you understand the historical, cultural and economic importance of wine throughout the world.

Since we are neither part of a culinary school nor a chain paying franchise fee royalties, we can offer you the best value for your wine education dollars. We are also VA and MyCAA approved.

2. Personalized Learning Experience In Small Classes

As you move past our fundamentals short-course and entry level seminars, the International Wine & Spirits Guild is dedicated to small classes with low student-teacher ratios.

This means our Advanced and Master level courses have student-teacher ratios of less than 15 to 1. Small classes will help you learn more effectively, regardless of whether you are a career changer, career seeker or wine enthusiasts.

1. Flexible Diploma Programs

Not everyone who is interested in wine desires to become a Sommelier. We have certification and diploma programs for four specific areas of the industry: merchants, managers, chefs and sommeliers.

At the Master level, the International Wine Guild offers 7 different diploma options. In addition, we offer 3 educator diplomas and 2 wine judge diplomas. We are the only wine vocational school in the country offering technical, educator and judge diploma programs.

Equally as important, we have certification and diploma programs for wine enthusiasts who do not plan on a career in the wine industry but have a passion for wine and want to learn more in a college like environment.

We offer day and evening courses to better fit your busy schedule, as well as intensive study courses to shorten the education process if you need to travel to us.

Study and have fun in Denver. The National Education and Training Center for the International Wine & Spirits Guild is located at 4640 Pecos Street, Unit H, Denver, Colorado 80122

Denver is a multi-cultural city, rich in diversity and energy. We are 75 miles from some of the best ski country in the world, or in summer, we have great boating and fishing, climbing and hiking. 

At the International Wine & Spirits Guild, out-of-state students pay the same tuition as students residing in Colorado.


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